How to Beat the Markets the SMART Way

By Combining Break-Through Technology that Shines a Spotlight on High Probability Winning Trades  Combined with Proven Tradeplans and Simple to Learn Techniques

Often Requiring Only 15 Minutes a Day or Less!

Watch this webinar replay, hosted by one of my best Spotlight Power Trader & Master Suite strategy users, Kelley B.  Learn how to trade the best markets the smart way!

Success as a trade begins with using proven tradeplans with a highly effective strategy like Spotlight Power Trader & Master Suite.

Learn to trade with our seasoned trade coaches in our Live Trade Room which is FREE to Spotlight Members.

Spotlight Technology:  Red means go short, green means go long.


Learn it ONCE -- Use it for a Lifetime

Exact Trades

The entire trade is planned from start to finish.  Know exactly what to do with every situation.


Every trade prints right on your chart in real time, showing you the exact entry, stop and highly accurate targets.

Dynamic Trade Setups

The secret to an 'evergreen' trading strategy, one that will work through the years, is the ability to tune itself, to literally self-adjust to current market conditions in live time, bar after bar.

Done for You Tradeplans

Knowing what to trade and when is one of the most elusive, necessary components to consistent trading success.  The Spotlight Power Trader & Master Suite shines a light on the best trades, using proven tradeplans on markets and charts that have stood the test of time and continue to produce.

Trade Many Markets


Swing Trade Options or Buy the Shares


Daytrade Proven Tradeplans


Swing Trade and Daytrade!!


Learn in Real Time in our Live Traderoom

Comprehensive and Complete Trading Program! 

  • Best Practices

    Learn to Best Practices required for consistent results.  Follow our Step by Step Guide to put yourself in the best position ou can me in for ongoing success.

  • Stop Guessing

    Learn with certainty what to trade and when, in a way that best fits your personal lifestyle.  Learn to trade less, and make more as a result.

  • Ask ALL Your Questions Live

    Our Live Traderoom is a priceless resource that comes with membership.  Learn to master the strategy in live markets with our expert traders and trading coaches.

  • Multiple Trading Platforms

    Works on Tradestation, Ninja Trader and Think or Swim.  Use it on any or all three platforms.  We recommend Tradestation because they will pay for the entire cost with real money, back into your trade accounts by way of commission rebates!!

Special Bonuses to Stack ALL the Odds in Your Favor!! 

  • Ultimate Trade Analyzer - Pro

    Membership comes with one of the most important and powerful trading tools, only available to our private memberships.  Puts you in the strongest position you can be in.

  • Special Nuts to Bolts Training

    Learning to trade the techniques of the strategy is easy.  All it takes is repetition and practice.  Learning to be a successful trader with the strategy is more important.

    The training leaves no stone unturned.

  • Learn the 12 Powers

    Each of the 12 Powers to Successful Trading is built into the very DNA of the Spotlight Master Suite.  Learn each one and you'll be better off than 90% of all traders. 

  • Get Tradestation to PAY your Entire Cost of Admission

    Tradestation knows that our membership succeeds at a higher rate than the general public. They WANT you as their client and will pay your entire cost for the SMS with commission rebates 

What our Members are Saying

  • Cliff Budd

    TJ, I followed your buys and sells and had a good day.  Interesting how the momentum numbers changed everything.

    thanks - I believe I am getting the hang of it.


  • Kevin D.



    I am glad you enjoyed my quip earlier today on the webinar "When TJ speaks, people listen." which I did plagiarize from the old EF Hutton commercial.  In any case, it is the honest truth.  You have such a brilliant trading mind as evidenced by all the strategies you have created.  Who wouldn't want to listen and learn from you especially someone so committed and focused on helping others on their trading journey?


    Congratulations on branching off of Netpicks and going into business for yourself.  You will surely do well.  Being a long time client of Netpicks, I have known of your work and contribution to the company.  Your future clients are going to benefit greatly.

  • Steve H.

    I'm fairly new to spotlight. A month now and I'm excited about the program and more importantly I've been able to address some bad habits with what I've learned from you.  Sign me up for the review!

  • Michael Cain

    Hello TJ,


    This seems like a fitting time of year to thank you for all you have done for me through the years with the various systems you have developed and the great advice you have given.  The back testing with the UTA is invaluable.  And now, with Spotlight, my trading has hit new levels of success and I look forward to many years of trading success!  


    Once again, thank you TJ!  And I hope your new year brings great joy!

Traderoom Comments and Banter!! 

  • Amazing Trader Community

    [09:58 am] Armando Baez: Troy, that is the best sage advice.  Understand what you are doing. that is the important thing.  Kudos Troy.


    [09:59 am] Roger LA: I can't impress on you enough to listen to TJ.


    [09:59 am] Armando Baez: Roger, it shows us that Troy is really vested in our success by listening to what he has to say.  He has been in the trenches for a long time.


    [10:02 am] Roger LA: Armando.  I've been with other trading plans and no coach is better than TJ.

  • Learn from your Peers

    [10:38 am] Michael O: am actually going through that process religously now and it is opening my mind


    [10:56 am] Paul Farley: 3.5 years ago I asked " where do you go to learn all the terms and lingo ?"   Troy said "NOWHERE YOU STAY HERE !!!!"


    [10:57 am] Paul Farley: and a trader said he laughed so hard, coffee came out his nose


    [10:44 am] Steve H: Troy, it was a great session. tks


    [10:44 am] Steve H: I always learn something new





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