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How to Trade the ES for Consistent Profits


Live Bootcamp Training

Complete with New Custom Indicators


with my All New


** Catapult Trader ES **

You are Invited to Attend my Special Limited Training

on How to Effectively Unlock the Limitless Profit Potential of the S&P E-Mini (ES)

with a Highly Effective, Super Simple Way of Trading

Learn to trade One Market, One Chart, One Highly Effective and Easy to Learn Trade Setup with Flexible and Proven Tradeplans.


Training will be on Saturday, April 4th, 11 am edt


** This training has already happened. 

You'll get the Video Replays with this package. **


This is a limited invitation, going out to all of our most loyal members.  I can only make this available to a set number of people. Claim your entry pass now.  Fast movers will save an additional 25% so don't waitIf you are ready to act, I want to give you the 1st opportunity to get in on this exclusive training at a nice discount.  This event is filling up fast.  Once it is filled, we'll be shutting down registration!

All Inclusive Training

  • Comprehensive New Method

    Nuts to Bolts Training.  Nothing held back.  Learn everything you need in one comprehensive training session to effectively trade the ES.  Stack the odds firmly on your side with every trade. 

  • Custom Indicators

    All new custom indicators come with this special live training.  You own them for life.  Works on: Tradestation and  Ninja Trader 7 & 8.

  • Proven Tradeplans

    Nothing is more important than being able to use a proven tradeplan that you can believe in with full confidence.  

  • Spotlight Technology Included as free Bonus

    As a free bonus, I am including Spotlight Technology Enabled Indicators.  Green means long.  Red means short.  Gray means flat.  

I have never before created such an easy method to learn

without compromising effectiveness and profitability.


Learn ONE dynamic, powerful setup and use it over and over again.

Tradeplan winning 87% of its sessions


Special 1 hour per day mid-morning tradeplan is winning 74% of its trades and 87% of its sessions with a 2.92 Profit Factor!!  

The ES is Scalable to Massive Sizes


Learn to trade the Backpack Trader way, working less, living more.  The ES can be safely scaled to huge sizes with the Power of Compounding.  Learn how!

PM Session Tradeplan Winning 80% of its Trades


Imagine trading for an hour or less in the afternoon, with an easy to learn tradeplan that is producing a 3.42 Profit Factor!!  I'm going to give you the keys to the kingdom!