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Exclusive and Limited

Live Bootcamp Training

of my ALL New


** Catapult Trader YM **

Complete with Custom Indicators

Thursday, May 28th 2020 at 12 pm et

The Catapult Trader teaches you

How to Effectively Unlock the Limitless Profit Potential of the Dow Emini (YM) and its micro level counterpart

with a Highly Effective, Super Simple Way of Trading

Learn to trade One Market, One Chart, One Highly Effective and Easy to Learn Trade Setup with Flexible and Proven Tradeplans.


Best Price Option / $797 All In

Easy 3 Pay Rent to Own Option / $297 x 3

The ES Bootcamp was a HUGE hit.  I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on my newest strategy, The Catapult Trader YM Edition, complete with everything you need, in this very exclusive Catapult Trader YM Bootcamp.


Learn one market, one chart, one easy to use trade setup, and then get real good at it.


Prices are going to go up.  I can only make this available to a set number of people at this price. Don't wait!  Prices will be going up to $1197If you are ready to act, I want to give you the 1st opportunity to get in on this exclusive training at a nice discount.  We have a quota in mind and once we hit out number, prices will go up!

All Inclusive Training

  • Comprehensive New Method

    Nuts to Bolts Training.  Nothing held back.  Learn everything you need in one comprehensive training session to effectively trade the YM.  Stack the odds firmly on your side with every trade. 

  • Custom Indicators

    All new custom indicators come with this special live training.  You own them for life.  Works on: Tradestation and  Ninja Trader 7 & 8.

  • Proven Tradeplans

    Done for You Tradeplans Included!!  Nothing is more important than being able to use a proven tradeplan that you can believe in with full confidence.  

  • Spotlight Technology Included as free Bonus

    As a free bonus, I am including Spotlight Technology Enabled Indicators.  Green means long.  Red means short.  Gray means flat.  

  • NEW Position Sizer Included

    The newest Catapult Trader tools have the Position Sizer already built into its custom Trade Calculator Indicator. 

  • Powerful New Filters Included

    The new custom CCI Indicator comes hard wired into the Trade Calculator with an easy on/off switch to isolate higher percentage winning reversal traders.


    Also included is the uniquely powerful Multi-Trend Filter and Custom Histogram.

I have never before created such an easy method to learn

without compromising effectiveness and profitability.


Learn ONE dynamic, powerful setup and use it over and over again.

Thomas C. -- Long Time Member says...


"I just wanted to thank you for the great Catapult-ES Bootcamp.  I learned a lot and I am really amazed with what this product can do.  This system is amazing and very easy to use."

LInda E. -- Long Time Member says...


"Just a quick note that I thoroughly enjoyed  your seminar and the program package.  It  seems great....  Also cannot wait til the NQ  and YM  come... Thank You"

Paul L. -- Long Time Member says...


"... you are a genius at creating great trading strategies!!"

Pete B. -- Newish Member says...


"...  I love this system.  It is so much more of a relaxed way to trade compared to the faster time frames!!"

Brian L. -- Newish Member says...


"...   great job to you and John on the Bootcamp Saturday. It kind of turned into a marathon session, but it was worth it!"

Roger A. -- Long Time Member says...


"Hey TJ.  70+% winning is impressive.  

Hey TJ.  70+% winning is impressive.  

I've listened to your voice for the past 6-8 years( I lost count 😁) and I think of you generally as a friend rather than a business acquaintance.  I marveled at the dedication to your coaching and the straight forward advice you have given selflessly. It's refreshing to know someone like you who holds to a high standard of dealing with people you may never see in person.  Thank you for all you do for us.